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What’s next?

As I’ve mentioned previously, I will be sharing the processes I take in order to make this trip a reality. Over the next sevens months or so, I intend to share all the in’s and out’s of planning a long term vacation. These topics will range drastically, so I thought I’d give you an idea as to a few posts you can expect to see here.


Anyone who has every booked a flight has a good understanding of the frustration that often ensues the moment you begin searching for the best price, time, etc. I plan on tackling this lovely battle head on. Do some locations have lower prices if you book last minute, versus weeks in advance? Is it true that a certain day of the week has lower prices than the rest? What airline is going to provide the most perks (sky miles and credit card points- I’m looking at you)? These are just a few of the questions I intend to answer.


Canon or Nikon- the war wages on. I haven’t spent a substantial amount of money on a digital camera in probably seven years or so. Needless to say, I need to do some major research in order to figure out what will do the best job in capturing nature’s wonders and the occasional latte art. I’ve always been a Canon gal myself, but I’m open to change.


How the heck do you pack clothes to hike, explore, dance, wander, and relax in all through out the country, over the span of many months? Beats me! I’ll be looking into what brands offer versatile styles that can go from rocking climbing to rocky road dates(I’m talking about ice cream here people). I’ll also be educating myself on what fabrics have longevity and fast dry time, since I’ll be a major outfit repeater (sixteen year old me is not pleased).


Alright, so I have the clothes picked out but how do I fit them all into my suitcase (a carry-on none the less)? No clue- again! If you’re looking for expertise here, feel free to go on your merry way. I’m thinking I start by proving fact or fiction on this whole clothes-rolling-instead-of-folding business. After that, I may need to dive into the world of packing cubes. Brace yourselves.


As you can see, many gems are heading your way. Don’t fret, there’s a lot more to cover than just the topics mentioned above. I’m excited to find out the answer’s to my many questions and I hope you are too! Thanks for reading my loves!


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