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The Biltmore Gardens

So I may or may not have gotten a little click happy at the Biltmore… Needless to say, there will be two posts- one of the house itself, the other of the gardens. This is the latter.

To say the grounds of the Biltmore are stunning is a huge understatement. I’d been hearing about the Biltmore for years, since I have family that lives in the south, but I still wasn’t prepared for how beautiful it was.

The gardens were filled with every kind of spring flower you could imagine. They actually switch out the flowers/plants depending on the month to insure it’s stunning at all times. Now don’t get me started on the smell…

I am not joking when I say that this yellow rose bush was home to the most delicious smelling roses of all time. I’m not even a big fan of rose scented things but good god this was great!

I mean, look at these purty thangs!

They were all so vibrant and walking through the gardens felt like I was in a legit fairytale. Seriously, if you’re not a plant/flower person, you will be after visiting the Biltmore!

Correct me if I’m wrong but is this not the exact rose from Beauty and the Beast? Right?!

Okay, relax, I’ll get a grip already… JUST KIDDING! The green house was goals in every way. I’ve always wanted a green house so that in my perfect imaginary world I could host beautiful dinner parties inside and have fresh flowers and produce and it would just be wonderful.

Please enjoy this intermission from the floral hysteria I’ve bestowed upon you with some uninterrupted photos of flowers.

Okay, I can’t stand it anymore- is that shade of red even real???

Not only were the flowers beautiful, but the green house itself was a stunning brick building surrounded by (you guessed it) plants, with huge windows. I’m a sucker for natural light.

They had SO many orchids! They had such a wide variety of colors that I didn’t even know orchids came in. I took over a hundred photos soooo they’re obviously not all included- just in case everyone else isn’t as fascinated by plants as me…

These had to be my favorite. They were so unique and I loved the vibrant contrast of the coral red against the muted green.

I also somehow lucked out and managed to be in the greenhouse when very few other people were. Don’t get me wrong, I did have to navigate through a storm of selfie taking youths, but they were infrequent enough that I was able to grab a few people-free shots.

If anyone can tell me what this is, that would be great. It was in the room with all the succulents/cacti so I’m assuming it was from that family but there was no label.

I took all my self control to not touch those fuzzy guys. They looked so soft but I have a feeling, they were not.

I’m not usually a fan of anything pink but this plant was so unique in it’s shape. Would love to know the name of this as well!

One doesn’t go to a green house and not take a trendy pic of a palm…

If you weren’t a member of the plant obsessed, I hope you are now. We’re a weird bunch but we smell great.

I promise, my post on the Biltmore itself will be much more informative!

Thanks for reading!





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