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North Carolina Hikes

One of the reasons I wanted to visit the Asheville area was to get in some good hiking. In total I spent three days hiking a variety of trails. Below you’ll find a compilation of photos from my treks!

If you’re planning a similar trip I would highly recommend doing it in the spring. Everything was so lush and vibrant. Plus, there was a lot of shade from the thick tree tops so it kept things cool.

My two musts: Hydroflask and my Keen boots. I was really happy with how sturdy these boots were. I walked on a lot of slick rocks/leaves and never once slipped. I did have to stretch out one boot since one foot is slightly bigger, but it was smooth sailing after that!

A completely natural, undoctored photo…

This trip did not have a shortage of wildlife! I saw a ton of deer, chipmunks, squirrels (both brown AND the elusive white), and thankfully only one snake.

Evidence of a white squirrel! They loved chasing the brown/grey ones all over the place.

Nature’s stair master. 

I know it’s a short one but I took too many photos not to share!

Keep your eyes peeled for my next post sharing all the details of my days spent in Raleigh!

I’ll be in North Carolina for another week or so- any must hike trails? I’m going to be wandering around a bit so I’m open to any suggestions. 🙂


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