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Charlotte, You’re a True Gem

As I’ve mentioned, there are multiple reasons I set out on this trip. One of the main ones being that I’d like to find a new place to call home. At the start of this journey, Charlotte was towards the top of that list. Now that I’ve spent about a week there, let me tell you where it stands now.

I’m going to do this post a little bit differently than the others. Rather than going in chronological order, I’m going to focus on one place at a time, sharing with you the places I visited, the things I ate, and some of my favorite moments.

One of my first days in town I headed down the road to the Bechtler Museum of Modern Art. I stayed in Uptown/4th Ward so it was a very easy walk from my Airbnb.

This museum had three floors of art to explore, as well as an outdoor area with a few sculptures like you see above.

The Bechtler has different artist’s collections come through on rotation so it’s a museum you can visit each time you’re in town. For $8.00 and an hour/hour and a half of your time it’s certainly worth a visit.

The particular exhibit I saw will be in place until September 10th, so If you find yourself in Charlotte this summer, you should definitely stop on by!

I’m not sure what level of artistic sophistication you possess, but this absolutely looks like a break dancing flubber to me. Please tell me you see it…

Overall, I thought this exhibit was highly entertaining. The eclectic and wide range of artwork definitely had me sitting back and trying to figure out what exactly I was looking at. As you can see in some of his sculptures, he used a lot of random components to create his pieces and in doing so, certainly brought mixed media to another level.

If art isn’t you’re thing, let me share with you some of the meals I had while I was in town. One of the first lunches I had was at The King’s Kitchen. It was a mix of your typical American fare but with a southern twist. Those collard greens with big chunks of bacon were amazing! I also had the green beans, grilled salmon, and fries. It was on the pricier side for lunch but as you can see, it’s quite a good bit of food.

Another meal I had (twice) was the gluten free pepperoni pizza from Pure Pizza in the 7th Street Public Market. I had it multiple times so I’d say that’s sending a pretty clear message. It had great flavor and a really light and crunchy crust, which anyone that eats gluten free will know is a rare texture found in any baked product. I also did a little bit of shopping while I was there and got some really pretty earrings from CLT Find. It was a small store that had mostly accessories and local goods. The market also had other places to eat, grab coffee, a sweet treat, or pick up some groceries from the small Italian market. I would highly recommend making a visit to this market if you’re in town.

Let me start by saying this photo does not do this place justice. I had heard about Coco and the Director being a great coffee spot and it truly was an awesome find. The latte I ordered was delicious, the staff was extremely warm and welcoming and they had a really neat seating set up. They had your typical area with tables and chairs but they also had a bunch of stadium style seating with pillows where you could lounge-so neat! On top of all that, they also had a loft style second floor (where I sat) where you could look out and see the street and do some people watching. Along with coffee, they sold some local goods as well and had a fresh meat counter where you could grab a Cuban sandwich. I didn’t have anything to eat, but by the smell of the store, I should’ve!

Another museum I visited was called The Mint, and it’s located right next door to the Betchler. If I had to pick favorites, I’ve got to go with The Mint. For $12.00 you can spend a few hours exploring some of the most “out there” art I’ve personally ever seen. I took quite a few photos so hopefully that will give you a better idea of what I’m describing.

Was really confused by what the message was with this piece- feel free to provide your insight.

I loved this piece. It had a bunch of layers to it where the artist had trimmed pieces of paper out and piled them on top of one another, giving it a really neat sense of depth.

This installation was my favorite by far. The artist put different random objects on the ground against the wall and then set up different colored lightbulbs at a bunch of different angles. Then dozens of thin sheets of glass of varied size were placed evenly next to one another. I wish this photo did it better justice because it looked like a wave of glowing colors when you would walk by it quickly. I posted a video of it to my Instagram story the day I visited and if you ever want a more in depth preview of what my posts will consist of feel free to follow me there @thegreatvacate.

A desk for a porcupine, perhaps?

The Mint had quite a few other installations that I really enjoyed but unfortunately not all of them allowed photography.

This is just a small collection of some of the things I did while visiting Charlotte that I felt were worth recommending. If you find yourself in the area and make it to any of these spots, I’d love to hear about your experience!

There were a few other places I visited and would like to mention, however I don’t have photos to accompany them. The Cellar at Duckworth’s was a really cool spot that I would highly recommend. Duckworth’s has your typical sports bar vibe/food but if you go downstairs to “The Cellar” it’s a totally different experience. Think modern day speakeasy with amazing cocktails (I’m looking at you Smoked Peach Margarita) and delicious food. I just had a couple appetizers but they were all so, so good. The jalapeƱo candied bacon was to die for. It’s just as good as it sounds and had a pretty intense heat to it.

I also grabbed a drink at The Workman’s Friend which was a quick seven minute uber from Uptown. They had a bunch of different beers and some really unique cocktails that you could either enjoy inside or out back on their patio beneath some twinkle lights.

While I managed to do a lot during my week in Charlotte, it somehow didn’t feel long enough. I never made it to the U.S. National Whitewater Center, the Lenny Boy Brewery, or over to Crowder’s Mountain so I’ll definitely be needing to make another trip back. I’m not sure if it’s going to be the next place I call home, but my visit there certainly helped confirm that it’s a place I’d like to spend some more time in. I’m about 1/3 of the way through my trip so I’ll have to see what other potential options that brings me!

Thank you for being patient during my mini hiatus, but I hope you enjoyed this post and found it worth the wait!







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