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It Was Short and Sweet, Y’all

The title of this post sums up the time I spent in Nashville, as well as the length of this entry. You know it’s a good trip when over half of your photos are of food. Brace yourselves!

First thing’s first when I’m traveling- I research the best gluten free food spots. I was specifically searching for donuts and came across Five Daughter’s Bakery. They have a wide array of delicious looking full-gluten donuts and then about four flavors of gluten free/paleo donuts. They also had a couple gluten free cookies and I just couldn’t resist.

The donut I got was almond butter with a sea salt chocolate glaze. It was so rich and delicious. I was only able to eat half of it over the entire day! The cookie was snowcap flavor so essentially dark chocolate with chocolate chunks covered in powdered sugar. I think I actually preferred the cookie over the donut. It was the perfect crunchy to chewy ratio. If you find yourself in Nashville, definitely swing by one morning and grab yourself a box of treats!

For dinner one night we went to Rosepepper Mexican Grill. This place was recommended due to their delicious margaritas and boy was that an accurate description! They’re house made with no mix and you certainly get your money’s worth. A little goes a long way so one or two is all you’d want. For dinner I had the steak tacos which were phenomenal. The steak wasn’t over cooked and they had a ton of cilantro and lime which is my favorite taco addition.

This trip was only about 48 hours and I was visiting with friends from the summer camp I went to last year (I did a post on my experience which you can read- here) so I didn’t get to do too much while I was there. Both nights we ended up going to Florida Georgia Line’s new bar FGL House, which was a blast. It’s one of the newer bars in Nashville and it has three stories, the first with a stereo, the second with a DJ, and the third with a live band and a large balcony. It had something for everyone and it was obviously a place we enjoyed since we spent both of our nights there!

Sorry for the shorter post but I hope you enjoyed it none the less! Next up is all about my trip to D.C. which is going to be a lot longer. I stayed for six nights so it may even be a two parter! It was one of my favorite places I’ve visited thus far and a lot of…random things happened during my visit so you’ve got some interesting stories to look forward to!

Thanks for reading. 🙂


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