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Chicago Part Two

After spending a night in Milwaukee, we headed back to the suburbs for a few days before we made our way back to the city. However, since we were going to pass it by anyway… we decided to spend the day at Six Flags Great America! I had never been to a Six Flags before and love a good rollercoaster, so I was excited!

When we got there we thought we would spend a couple hours, maybe half a day. Boy were we wrong! We ended up spending about eight hours riding all the rollercoasters, laughing our butts off, eating all the carbs, and I almost lost my sandals on one ride! Thankfully, I realized just in time that I hadn’t taken my shoes off, but since I was already strapped in, a very kind (frustrated) worker came and took my shoes off. It was a real modern day Cinderella moment.

After spending a day indulging in popcorn and dip n’ dots, we decided to spend the following day hiking in Starved Rock State Park. The entire drive there it was pouring down rain. Luckily, once we arrived it had stopped, and also scared away most of the other hikers.

We spent most of our day navigating around the many canyons and across the overflowing riverbeds. Besides an older couple and a loud family with a child in a wagon, we had the park to ourselves! Since it had rained so much we had to get pretty creative in some areas. We walked/shuffled/butt scooted our way across many logs and fallen trees and only one of us fell in (surprise- it was me).

If you ever have the chance to visit Starved Rock, I would highly recommend it. Besides the challenges from all the rain, it’s a very easy area to navigate with it’s wide open spaces and minimal steep areas. And after you leave, you’ll go through a little town that has some cute mom and pop stores and restaurants where you could grab some lunch or maybe an ice cream cone. 🙂

The next day we decided to head back into the city and spend a few more days exploring. The friend that I was traveling with was from the area so she had the inside scoop on the must-see places.

One of those places was Cindy’s Rooftop Bar. Cindy’s sits on top of the Chicago Athletic Association Hotel and has a breathtaking view of the city and Lake Michigan. I had tried to visit Cindy’s the previous weekend but there was a line to even get into the elevator so we had to pass.

That being said, it was definitely worth the wait. They had a selection of creative cocktails and delicious Kombucha. They had some small bites as well but we just stuck to drinks.

After our drinks, we went outside to the balcony to snap a couple photos. It was overcast and raining on and off but the view was still spectacular. If you can get there early enough or don’t mind waiting in line, make sure to add Cindy’s to your Chicago must visit list.

Later that night we went to a few bars and played arcade games. As you can see above, this is face of the smug and unaware. I was very proud to gloat at my five million plus score but unfortunately had some bad timing.

The following morning we hit up Victory’s Banner that had some of the best breakfast carbs around. As you can see, I like to have a varied array of nutrients when indulging. I like circular fluffy nutrients, as well as crunchy triangular ones. It’s all about balance, people. This place had a fantastic menu, literally something for everyone. Whether you were gluten free, vegan, or a meat lover, they had plenty of options for you. Looking at this photo is making me want this meal all over again!

After spending two weekends in Chicago, and a few days in the burbs, I can say I definitely understand the love people have for Chicago. There was a lot of diversity from the people, to the food, and even the views! I’m so glad I put aside more time for Chicago than I did for other cities, and I definitely plan on visiting again and again!

Thank you for you patience on this last post! Due to my travels the last two weeks I wasn’t able to blog as much as I would’ve liked to, but now you can expect some more regular posting again. 🙂




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