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A Weekend in the Cape

The Massachusetts adventure continues… in the Cape! After spending a few nights in Boston we moved to an Airbnb in Falmouth because it was a quick ferry ride to both Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket, the two areas we planned to explore. The first day was spent exploring Martha’s Vineyard, which was a quick, open ferry ride.

We took a ferry around 9:00 AM so we could spent a solid day at Martha’s Vineyard and not be rushed.

After walking around for a bit we decided to grab lunch at The Black Dog Tavern. It’s an icon Martha’s Vineyard staple, so we had high hopes. Unfortunately, it wasn’t the best experience. The food wasn’t very good, I didn’t bother to finish my fries or salad, and the service was minimal.

After lunch we decided to go into the Black Dog General Store. It had your typical touristy selection of hats, coozies, shirts, and sweaters. We didn’t get anything but it would’ve been a good place to grab a traditional Martha’s Vineyard souvenir if that’s what you were looking for.

After popping in a few other stores we stopped for some ice cream. I can’t recall the name of the ice cream shop but it was just your typical, run of the mill ice cream, nothing out of the ordinary. However, ice cream is ice cream and it was super refreshing on a hot day!

There was lavender all over the island and it smelled heavenly! I had to snag a few pieces which I pressed in a book later that day for safe keeping.

After wandering around and exploring a bit more we stopped for a pick me up at Mocha Mott’s for some iced coffee. It was a very simple shop that offered a variety of coffee drinks and some quick snacks. The coffee was great and well priced compared to some of the other places on the island.

We felt we had seen everything so we headed back to the Island Queen to ferry back to Falmouth.

The next day had a slightly earlier start because the ferry ride was a bit longer. It was also on a nicer ferry that was enclosed with ac.

We left Martha’s Vineyard feeling a bit underwhelmed so we were excited to see what Nantucket had to offer. As soon as we arrived we knew we were in for a great day. It was much more mellow and less touristy than Martha’s Vineyard and we couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful day. We decided to walk around and look at all the beautiful cottages and plants. There were so many flowers around every corner and it smelled so good mixed with the salty air.

We weren’t very hungry for lunch so we just grabbed a smoothie and a few other snacks at Lemon Press to take to the beach. The smoothies were so delicious and refreshing, which was good because the service was terrible. From the moment we walked in it was as if we had just barged into someone’s house demanding food. The staff acted as if it was a major inconvenience to take our order. I’ve worked in the service industry for years so it always irks me when I come across people that choose that line of work, yet have no interest in interacting with the customer. Rant over.

We wanted to check out at least one lighthouse while we were there and we found that Brant Point would be the easiest one to get to. It was the smallest lighthouse I had ever seen and it was so stinking cute.

After the lighthouse, we took the city bus to the beach to lay out and read. It was so nice and warm out but there was no way I was stepping foot in the ocean, it was so so cold (by Floridian standards).

After the beach we took the bus back into town then took the free brewery shuttle out to Cisco Brewers. The brewery was quite large with tons of picnic tables, a stage, food trucks, a liquor bar, beer bar, and a wine bar. Being gluten intolerant, I opted for the wine bar. I tried their original red wine sangria first then had some of the frozen sangria and oh my goodness, it was heaven.

We spent a few hours there listening to the band, chatting with some other tourists, snacking on fried food and having a grand old time!

After taking the brewery shuttle back into town we decided to wander around the side streets a bit more. We weren’t really hungry for dinner since we had done a good bit of snacking at Cisco.

Is this not the most stunning front porch you’ve ever seen?? I was obsessed with those doors.

We ended up popping into a store so I could buy a hat and my friend grabbed a few souvenirs to bring home to friends and family. We still weren’t in the mood for a big meal so she grabbed a slice of pizza and I had some ice cream. We had finished exploring the island and were beat from the busy day of exploring. We waited for the ferry for what seemed like days because the temperature dropped and we were absolutely freezing our butts off!

Once we finally boarded the ferry back to Falmouth we got settled, bundled up in our towels and put in our head phones. No more than 10 minutes after leaving port the captain comes over the loud speaker and says something along the lines of “tonight we have the honor of transporting a frequent ferry goer, Ben and while he’s use to riding alone, he won’t be for much longer.” It was really bizarre and everyone kind of just looked around staring at each other. About a minute later you could hear cheering and yelling coming from the top deck above us. Then the infamous Ben and a girl came down the stairs and he shouted “she said yes” while hoisting his fiancĂ©s hand up into the air. Everyone cheered and congratulated him. But wait… there’s more! Then a group of what appeared to be young college guys, decked in their Sperry’s and Vineyard Vine polos, jumped up and started singing acapela! Everyone was totally shocked and cheered for them when they finished and then we overheard Ben telling his fiancĂ© that while he was waiting for the ferry and for her to meet up with him he met this acapela group in line and told them his plan to propose so they agreed to sing a song for her once they came down to announce their engagement. It was all very random and very entertaining.

Overall, we had a great weekend. We both agreed that if we could’ve done it over again, we would spend two days in Nantucket and skip Martha’s Vineyard. There were so many nice restaurants we would’ve loved to try if we had more time in Nantucket so I definitely will be making another trip to the island. Plus, I can’t go through life knowing that the best frozen sangria is out there and not have it again!


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