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And Off I Go

What were you doing exactly one year ago? Can you remember? If it was an average day, or even a slightly above average day, your probably don’t. For one reason or another, most people tend to hold onto negative memories a bit more effortlessly than the positive. Maybe it means we take the good moments for granted. Or maybe we simply don’t realize the grand, beautiful, Happiest-I’ve-Ever-been moments until after they’ve passed us by. Either way, I plan on putting more of an effort towards holding onto the wonderful, simple, average daily moments in an attempt to collect as many happiest-I’ve-Ever-Been moments. But before we do that, lets rewind.

We’re going to hop backwards to my day one year ago. On that day, I’d spent months prior daydreaming about the idea of leaving my current job and traveling the world. I knew there was so much I hadn’t seen and I was terrified of waking up one day, ten years into the future, having not accomplished a single dream I had for myself. I knew that it was up to me to make sure that didn’t happen. That decision meant leaving my job (and while I didn’t know it at the time- temporarily moving back home) and starting to work towards my dream of travel and exploring so much of the world I had yet to see. So one year ago, I was driving to my second-to-last day of my old job and not even five minutes into my drive, I was struck on the passenger side of my car by someone who ran a stop sign. Up until that point I had never been in an actual car accident and had no idea what to do. I already felt the immense stress that comes with leaving a job, now I had this car accident to deal with on top of everything else. In that moment I felt so blocked, like everything was standing in my way. Looking back, that was a really selfish way to think.

I had chosen to quit my job, in an effort to work towards a dream. With big decisions comes big stress, so there was no one to blame for the way I was feeling. While someone running a stop sign wasn’t something I could have stopped, it was still my reality and what I did have control over was how I’d move forward. I was fortunate that no one was injured and while getting in a car accident and dealing with the aftermath is a handful, it could have been so much worse. Now we all know hind sight is 20/20, and let me assure you, the above was not my perspective while I was going through this ordeal, but that whole situation looks so different to me now. That day that felt like it could not get any worse and like the whole world was against me, really doesn’t have a vast impact on my present day. Did it suck to go through? Yes. Did it create problems that I had to deal with for weeks? Yes. Was it the actual end of the world? Absolutely not.

What’s the point of this story you ask? The point is to remind you that on the day you feel like everything is standing in your way and like you’re forever stuck in your current reality, you’re going to be wrong. It is up to you to grow and learn from your experiences. It’s hard, and we don’t always learn it the first time around, but you’ve got to try. So many of the people that I’ve explained my trip to have said how they think that sounds so fun and they wish they could do it too. Every time I hear someone say some version of that sentence, it takes all of my self control not to shake them and tell them YOU CAN! While your dream may be different than mine or your route may take a different path, you can absolutely have whatever dream you can conjure up. If you want to sail across the world, then start taking the steps to get there! That dream might take someone six months to save up the money to achieve it will it takes another person five years. Would we all want to be able to snap our fingers and have all the tools necessary to achieve our dreams? Sure! Would we get to feel the satisfaction of knowing that we’ve finally gotten exactly what we want and it’s because we worked out butts off to get it? Probably not.

Plain and simple. If you want something, you can have it. Make it a priority, work a little harder, stay open to the possibility that your wildest dreams may change along the way to achieving them, and don’t compare your path to anyone else’s. You’ve. Got. This.

Now that my adventure has begun, I’m going to keep finding excuses to float in the ocean, dive in head first, and keep collecting all the Happiest-I’ve-Ever-Been moments until my brain runs out of space.